HOST 2022

Experience like never before

HOST finals is an experience of a lifetime to the participants and teachers who will be accompanying them

Every year, HOST will have two parts

1. Selection Rounds

2. Finals

STEPS to participate in HOST 2022

  • 1

    Registration (Deadline: Augest 29th,2022 )Click to Register

    ★ If you are a School, Click to Register and enter your details
    ★ Our team will send the mail with all the needed information
    ★ Send us the list of the students who will be participating in Qualifier Round

  • 2

    Qualifier Round

    In this Stage students will be taking an online critical reasoning questions ( 30 min)

    ★ We will send login id to students who will be participating
    ★Let us know the dates you want to conduct the Qualifier Round
    ★ Our team will assign the test on the respective date

    ★System and Internet

  • 3

    STEM Challenge

    50% of Students will move to STEM Challenge Round where they will be working on an Hands-On Challenge

    ★Our team will share the list of Selected Students
    ★Each students should pay Rs.300 to participate
    ★Our team will guide the School to conduct a STEM Challenge event day levels

  • 4

    Problem Solving Bootcamp

    Top 3 Student in each school will get an opportunity to be part of 3 Day Problem Solving Bootcamp (residential)

    ★ Our team will evaluate STEM Challenge round output and select winners
    ★ 3 Day Problem Solving Bootcamp will have Young Problem Solvers from different schools going through Workshops by Experts
    ★Bootcamp will happen in Velammal Knowledge Park, Ponneri Campus
    ★3 Students along with a Teacher Can accompany to this event

What should we do now?

If you are a School Management, Teacher, Parent, Alumni or Organisation working with schools, here is the opportunity to on board with us

Benefits for Students

Exposure to STEM

Equip 21st Century Skills

HOST Certificates and Goodies

Prizes worth 5 Lakhs

Winners will be part of 3 Day Problem Solving Bootcamp

Benefits for Schools

Become a HOST School

Webinar and Resources on 21st Century Skills for participating schools

Get Featured in our Social Media

Receive Year long support in transforming your school to Maker School (aligned to NEP)