About HOST

India’s First 21st Century Skills Tournament

What we do?

At HOST, we design rich experiences for the children to become what they really want to be in their life. Our educators and designers brainstorm and come up with unique on the spot challenges every year to extract the best out of the participants.

Apart from Challenges we also bring in the element of fun and freedom through workshops, play and talk segment delivered by our partners.

vision of HOST


To equip every child with relevant skills and values to make this world a better place to live

HOST - Core Principles

  • Hands-On Learning

    Explore STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) concepts in a real time hands-on challenge environment

  • Challenging Environment

    When there is demand, there is development

  • Skills for Life

    Developing relevant Skills that will stay with the child for their life

  • Creative problem solving

    Learn how to think, not what to think

HOST - Core Principles
  • Child Powered

    Students will have all their freedom to take their own decisions in any situation

  • Friendly Tournament

    Motivate teams to reach for the stars, while also rooting for each other

  • Global diversity

    Encourage and celebrate differences in each other, and differences in ideas

Why it matters now ?

The world of work is changing – and some jobs are changing faster than others. According to the latest research, soon we'll only be as good as the skills we possess. But which skills are they, and how can we make sure we keep pace?

Our core team thought about the above question and came up with challenge based framework will allow the participants to apply their skills and thereby identify their strengths and areas where they can improve.

Throughout the process of solving the challenge and participating in workshops, Play and Talks children will be learning to

  • 1) Solve problems

    Solve problems

  • 2) Think Critically & Creatively

    Think Critically & Creatively

  • 3) Stay Perseverant

    Stay Perseverant

  • 4) Take Risks

    Take Risks

  • 5) Collaborate


  • 6) Communicate


  • 7) Lead


  • 8) Motivate


  • 9) Work with confidence

    Work with confidence

  • 10)Manage and Organise Projects

    Manage and Organise Projects

Analytical Thinking is the ability to examine information or a situation...

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Collaboration is the ability to work interdependently and cooperatively in teams....

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Communication is the ability to express ourselves and respond to people,...

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Creative Thinking is the ability to engage in the generation, evaluation...

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Critical Thinking is the ability to question, interpret, analyse, evaluate, infer...

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Decision Making is the ability to choose between two or more...

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Logical Thinking is the ability to apply logic to better understand...

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Problem Solving is the ability to seek, identify and define the...

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Cognitive Flexibility is the ability to appropriately adapt our thinking processes...

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Transformational Entrepreneurship is the ability to create innovative solutions that enable...

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What should we do now?

If you are a School Management, Teacher, Parent, Alumni or Organisation working with schools, here is the opportunity to on board with us

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